History of St. Lawrence Bowls Club

Although we were founded in 1904 there are no available records until after the Second World War.

Apparently we used to play at the Warre Recreation Ground in Ramsgate before the War.

In 1946 our present green was laid by Cyril Redmond and Bob Pilcher and we started playing here in 1947, using the old tearooms as a Clubhouse and Changing room. We obtained a Lease from the Council and we look after everything ourselves.

We moved into our present Clubhouse in 1988 and have added extensions during the last few years, we have had lots of vandalism including several break-ins, arson attacks and damage to the green.

We have supplied two members to go through as President of the Kent Bowling Association namely John Hoare in 1960 and Doug Head in 1992.

On the playing side we have had our ups and downs, in 1952 John Hoare won the County Singles. And in 2010 & 2013 Chris Fox, Mick Homersham and Ken Weyand won the County Triples, and also in 2013 the three of them along with Roger Williams won the County Fours. 2014 Josh Tingey won the County Unbadged. 2016 saw Dex Weyand win the County Unbadged.

In the County Pairs in 1946 G. Kemp and T. Robinson were runners-up, in 2007 and 2009 Mick Homersham and Ken Weyand were runners-up, with Ken Weyand runner-up in the County Singles in 2007, these two went on to the EBA Finals at Worthing and were Pairs Quarter Finalists in 2007 and along with Chris Fox were Triples Quarter Finalist in 2013. In 2016 and 2017 Josh Tingey, Roger Williams, Dex Weyand & Ken Weyand were runners-up in County Fours, then went on to become National Finalists in 2017 at Leamington Spa.

In the Cox Cup we were runners-up to Tunbridge Wells in 2004.

Len Anning, Mick Homersham, Chris Fox, Dex Weyand and Ken Weyand have played in Middleton Cup games and we have supplied a few to the Home Counties League.

Recently we have won the Isle of Thanet BA Premier League quite a few times and also the Combination League. In the Isle of Thanet Competitions we have also won the various disciplines.

In 2004 we celebrated our Centenary with games against the EBA - now Bowls England, and a KCBA President's team led by one of our former members Norman Wright.

Now we look to the future with a lot of youngsters and Ladies joining the Club.

History of the St. Lawrence Bowls Club Badge

In the Sixth Century, Pope Gregory sent St. Augustine to Britain to establish the Christian Church. He preached his first sermon at Ebbsfleet, Ramsgate and his first convert was a man named Lawrence, who eventually took over the Ministry. He gained great power and gained many converts by his teachings.
Local opposition was aroused against him so he was arrested, crucified upon a Grid and burnt alive.
Many years after he was made a Saint by the Church of Rome. It is locally believed that the present Church of St. Lawrence was built upon the site in the 11th Century where this deed took place.
The St. Lawrence Bowls Club Badge reflects this history. Firstly the background of red depicts the fire, secondly the Grid upon which St. Lawrence was crucified on, thirdly the blue represents the rode worn by the ancient Britons who perpetrated this Cruel act.

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